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What to Expect From

Disciple Maker / Transformative Church Planting TRAINING

  • Expect to work - You will have to read, write (type), and converse. Some assignments will require you to do a bit more, such as Mapping Your Missional Community and Evaluating Your Spheres of Influence. 

  • Expect to get personal - It is essential that you are willing to work on yourself and examine yourself, your thinking, your traditions, and your practices. Introspection is vitally important to this process; you must be willing to work on you and your relationship with God, first. 

  • Expect accountability - You must continue to be honest, open, and surrendered throughout the process.  While speaking the truth when asked is being honest, being open is volunteering the truth even when not asked. Surrender does not mean that you will do everything someone asks of you.  It means you have people in your life who, when they disagree with you, drive you inward to reconsider, outward to the counsel of others, and upward in prayer to God.  

  • Expect to be trained, not just educated - Education is often more about information than transformation. Training is more than education--it is more than application.  It is when you learn to respond to situations instinctively.  Like military personnel, police officers, EMTs, or emergency room doctors or nurses, who are trained to intuitively respond to crises, you must be willing to be trained to intuitively respond to the work of God in a person's life.  

  • Expect transformation, not just information

The distance between not knowing and knowing is easy while the distance between knowing and doing that leads to being is long and arduous. Gathering information is easy (just Google it), but wisely and strategically applying that information is the challenge.  The transformative process is designed to assist you with the latter by interweaving our processes into your unique setting with the goal of creating real disciples and disciple makers. It is my firm belief that from these disciples and disciple makers will come a new wave of church planters equipped to engage a movement of God that has not been seen since the first century.  If you desire to be a part of this process you must be willing to work: to be trained, not just educated. You must come to the table having completed each assignment and ready to dialogue about implementation and application. You must be willing to become a competent worker who intuitively and instinctively works with God's Word and God's Spirit as they transform the heart of a person.

I am not looking for the many--I am looking for the few. If you feel you are one of the few, I would encourage you to engage.  To start, you will need to apply and take a free assessment. After reviewing your information, we will interview you to determine if you are a good candidate for the process.

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