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Brenda Waters

Medical Group Office Manager

Brenda talks about her experience as a disciple using the Transformative Process. 

Michael Mackens

Michael talks candidly about the impact that the Transformative training process has had on his life and ministry.  

Eli is a realtor in the Akron area.  In this video he talks about the Transformative model, process, covenant, and how these tools have helped him find and engage disciples.  He also speaks about this method's potential for creating a movement and his potential role in that movement. 

Aaron Peterson

Realtor and Investor

Aaron is a realtor and Investor in the Akron area.  In the video he talks about his journey to be come a disciple-maker.  

Ted Hall

Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship, Medina, Ohio

Ted talks about how the process has benefited him and his church.  

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