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​To take a self-paced crash course in disciple making, all you have to do is watch the videos below and give your feedback.  We'll then send you 3 FREE books to help you get started.

What are the right ingredients that produce transformation in the life of an individual?

The whole process encapsulated in a single statement   

Jesus describes the path of the God's word in the heart of a person and the things that prevent roots and stop fruit.

Mathew13:1-23, Luke 8:3-15

What is the role of the discipler in the this process?

What is God's desired outcome for his word in the heart of a person? 

This is the introduction to a practical tool for inductively moving a person from information to transformation, from knowing through doing to being. 

How do people learn?

What is the goal of learning?

What is the value of this process or method? 

This video describes the movement from information to application and being.  

What is knowledge?

What is perspective?

What is conviction?

What is competence?

What is character?

This video describes the creation of a learning covenant.

Why is a covenant important?

What is in a covenant? 

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