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Bless Every Home (video)

This is a tremedous resources to help you keep up with the spiritual needs of those who live around you. Check out the website at

Stay On Track

(Video) How do we keep TCPM on track? What is the measurement of success for every individual, group, church and network?

Crazy Growth

(Video) How does a exponential growth curve with 25% success compare to a addition growth curve with 25% success?

Frances Chan_edited

(Video) Rethinking Church by Francis Chan. What do we really need to start a church? What did does the Bible tell us we need?

Training vs. Education

(PDF) What is the difference between training and educating a person? What is the final exam for each?


(PDF) What do we mean by Transformation? What does the Bible say about it?

Learning Covenant

(Video) Creating a learning covenant for making disciples. The "why" and "how."

John Part 1

The first half of the Book of John Ch. 1-12 explained with illustrations. Want to see more?

John Part 2

The second half of the Book of John Ch. 13-21 explained with illustrations. Want to see more?

Right Ingredients for Transformation

(Video) What are the right ingredients to produce transformation?

Account Wheel

(PDF) What does accountability look like? Who are the people I need to hold me accountable? What is a flat spot?

Transformative Biblical Model

(Video) What does Jesus tell us about transformation from the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13)?

Loving the World

(Video) A way to reach the word in 37 years.


(video) #NoPlaceLeft is a movement of movements aimed at getting to no place left where Christ is not made known in our generation.

3 Circles: Sharing The Gospel

On a napkin in less than 5 minutes you can share the Gospel. 3 Circles is an easy way to share you faith with others.

3 Circles

How to share your faith with a napkin, a pen, and 5 minutes.

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